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[ 2018年10月13日(土)]

 1.Right Time Right Place(5:29)
 3.Hallelujah,Salvation And Glory(5:29)


[ 2018年10月6日(土)]
リレー・フォー・ライフ・ジャパン 横浜2018
会場:みなとみらい 臨港パーク・芝生広場

1.Right Time Right Place(5:29)
4.Hallelujah,Salvation And Glory(5:29)
5.You Are Good(5:37)


[ 2018年9月28日(金)]
Grace of God ゴスペルコンサート
会場:スクエア荏原 ひらつかホール

出演:PENCIL BUNCH、Leo and The Family、ワークショップクワイア
スペシャルゲスト:Beverley Hanshaw Smith

1.Right Time Right Place 7:00
2.Forever 6:00

*Leo and The Family
3.Come Holy Spirit Medley 7:00
4.There Remaineth A Rest 6:00

*Beverley Hanshaw Smith
5. I Came To Praise Him 5:00

6. Wait Upon The Lord 4:00
7. Lord,I’m Depending On You 5:00
8. Every Time I Hear His Holy Name 5:00

*Beverley Hanshaw Smith & 松谷麗王
9. Use Me Lord 8:00

*Leo and The Family
10.Hallelujah, Salvation And Glory 6:00
11.You Are Good 7:00
12.Grace Of God 6:00

13. Oh Happy Day 5:00


[ 2018年5月4日(祝・金)]
JIYUGAOKA Sweets Festa!2018

1.We've Come To Praise Him 4:18
2.Jesus Is My Help 4:51
3.Surely 5:13
4.I'll See You Again 6:00
5.Hallelujah Salvation and Glory 7:00
6.Every Time I Hear His Holy Name 3:59
7.Again I Say Rejoice 5:04
8.W.S. for Oh Happy Day 5:30
8.Oh Happy Day 5:31
Total 45’55


[ 2018年3月11日(日)]

1. We've Come To Praise Him (4:18)
2. Again I Say Rejoice (5:04)
3. Surely (5:13)
4. Hallelujah Salvation and Glory (7:00)
5. I’ll See You Again (6:00)
6. Hallelujah Anyhow (3:55)
7. Oh Happy Day (5:31)


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